10 Tips for Writing Clean and Efficient JavaScript Code

published 3/14/2023 | 4 min read | #JavaScript#programming#tips

In this article, we'll provide you with 10 tips for writing clean, efficient JavaScript code that will help make your web pages load faster, run smoother, and be easier to maintain.

How to Use WebAssembly to Boost Your Web App's Performance

published 2/28/2023 | 7 min read | #WebAssembly#performance optimization#web development#programming#software engineering

In this post, we introduce WebAssembly, a technology that can improve web app performance by executing code at near-native speed. We explore the strengths and weaknesses of WebAssembly, and provide practical examples of how it can be used to optimize web apps.

JavaScript Memory Management: A Guide to Understanding Garbage Collection

published 2/19/2023 | 4 min read | #javascript#memory management#garbage collection#programming#web development

In this post, we'll explore the ins and outs of JavaScript memory management, focusing on the all-important topic of garbage collection. You'll learn what garbage collection is, how it works, and how you can optimize your JavaScript code to make the most of it. If you're a JavaScript developer who wants to better understand how to manage memory in your applications, this post is for you!

8 JavaScript Best Practices for Writing Clean and Efficient Code

published 1/1/2023 | 4 min read | #JavaScript#programming

Discover 8 of the most important practices that programmers should follow when writing JavaScript code for maximum readability and performance.