Here's a tool that'll help you build a solid webpack or parcel config files in no time published 11/28/2019 | 2 min read

Welcome my friends to a new story. Today I'll be discussing an awesome tool I found that helps you create your Webpack or Parcel config in a fraction of time, via an easy to use web interface. Meet Create App!

Create App - your tool for starting a new webpack or Parcel project
Create your own webpack config or Parcel app with React, Vue, Typescript, CSS, SCSS, SASS, less, codesplitting, etc, with this online tool

The app lists every possible config for both Webpack and Parcel, and let you fine tune them, while showing you the changes to both your config file and your package.json file in real time.

So for example if you choose Vue – Webpack context – ; It'll create a Vue file, add vue-loader and vue-template-compiler packages to your package.json file, and update the webpack.config.js file to reflect these changes and implement the new loader.

Of course, if you're using Parcel, you don't need any of these extra steps (ex: no loader needed) as Parcel itself automates this.

That's all, thanks for reading devspedia, I love you, and I'll see you the next time!