Choosing the Right Database for Your Web Application

published 4/7/2023 | 4 min read | #web development#databases#backend development

Learn how to choose the right database for your web application based on your project's requirements and constraints.

An Overview of Time Series Databases

published 10/11/2022 | 4 min read | #databases#time-series#analysis

Looking for a better way to organize your time-based data? Check out this overview on time series databases and learn how they can improve your data storage and analysis.

5 Reasons to Consider using Amazon RDS for Your Next Web Project

published 7/6/2022 | 3 min read | #Amazon RDS#databases#web development

Learn how Amazon RDS can help you manage your relational databases and improve your web app's performance.

Pros and cons of different feature flags table designs

published 1/2/2020 | 4 min read | #databases#feature flags#feature toggles#software design#features

Learn the pros and cons of structuring your features flags horizontally or vertically in your feature flags table with examples.

Sorting algorithms, with visualizations and complexity comparisons

published 12/5/2019 | 9 min read | #databases#algorithms#sorting#javascript#mathmatics#visuals#complexity

Understand sorting algorithms with visuals, videos, and detailed explanations, also with complexity comparison for each of them

Many to Many vs Polymorphic relationships

published 11/20/2019 | 4 min read | #databases#relationships#pros and cons

Today we're discussing the differences between Many-to-Many and Polymorphic relationships as pros and cons.

Time series databases, what is it, and when to use it?

published 11/15/2019 | 6 min read | #time series#databases

Learn what is a time series databases, why and when it should be used, what is the most common use cases for it, and see it compared with regular databases.