Emerging Patterns in Cloud Computing: Cloud Assembly and its Implications published 9/5/2023 | 3 min read

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What is Cloud Assembly?

Cloud Assembly is a cloud management tool developed by VMware for infrastructure automation. It enables developers and IT operators to create and manage cloud-based infrastructure with standardization, governance, and policy-driven provisioning across multi-cloud environments.

Here is an example of how you could define your networking configuration utilizing Cloud Assembly's Infrastructure as Code (IaC):

formatVersion: 1
    type: Cloud.Network
      networkType: existing
      name: 'my-network'
    type: Cloud.LoadBalancer
      network: '${resource.Cloud_Network.id}'
      provider: AWS

With a few lines, this little example shows how you can ease network creation and load balancer assignment using Cloud Assembly.

Why is Cloud Assembly Significant?

One of the prominent trends in IT is the shift towards multi-cloud environments. Streamlining the development and deployment across these multi-cloud environments is a considerable challenge. That's where Cloud Assembly steps in.

The Challenges in Adopting Cloud Assembly

Despite its benefits, transitioning to Cloud Assembly does come with challenges integral to adapting to any new technology.


Cloud Assembly is a promising solution for organizations moving towards multi-cloud environments. It simplifies the management and deployment of workloads across various platforms, providing agility, scalability, and consistency. However, its implementation comes with certain challenges that underline the need for a well-defined and properly planned cloud strategy. Overall, with right planning and execution, its benefits can radically transform multi-cloud infrastructure deployment and management.

In the rapidly evolving cloud computing landscape, staying updated with tools like Cloud Assembly is crucial for anyone working in DevOps or Infrastructure Management.

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